Plastic Pipe Making Machine

High-end Seven Holes PVC Plum Tube Production Line

Production Introduction

The inner wall of plum tube is smooth, it can wear fiber optic cable directly.And it can save working hours, its structure is reasonable, the use value is high, the life is long.It is mainly used for communication cable sheath.Plum tube adopts porous structure with good stiffness and even force.The product inner wall friction coefficient is small, the cable is light, the construction is simple and easy.The service life of plum tube is more than 30 years under the condition of buried depth.The color of the pipe is uniform and the color is white. Other colors can be customized according to user requirements.Tube smooth flat, uniform color, not allowed to deformation, distortion and other defects.Internal and external tube walls are not allowed to crack, damage, perforate.

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Company Profile

Qingdao Huaensi Plastic Machinery Company is a scientific and knowledge intensive enterprise specialized in the manufacture of complete sets of plastic processing equipment, which integrates r&d, manufacturing, sales and service.

Company always adhere to the "integrity-based, quality, technology innovation, customer service" principle, abide by the commitment to product quality, focus on practical operation and so on tracking service, form a complete set of plastic and plastic mechanical design process to have the profound understanding and accumulation of experience, to ensure the high quality, high performance plastic machinery manufacturing.

Company top technical team for many years, accumulated rich experience in design, manufacturing, with advanced production equipment and technology.

Machine List



Automatic drying feeder


Single screw extruder


Extruding mould


Cooling water bath


Haul-off with caterpillar


Automatic cutter


Roll over table




Technical Parameter



Total installation power(kw)


Transformer (kw)


Actual electricity consumption(kw)


Capacity (kg\h)


 Line speed (m\min)


Motor Power(kw)


Production Process

Feed→Extrude→Customize→Cooling→Haul off→Cut→Stack the material→Crush


After sales service

(1)After the machines are finished, the seller will test all machines before shipment. If the buyer can not come to test the machine, we will test the machines and send the sample to buyer.

(2)After shipment, the seller will send one or two technicians to the buyer’ s factory to help the buyer install the machine and train workers for buyer.

(3)We will supply all electricity drawing, machine installation drawing.

(4)When make shipment, we will put some spare electricity parts for free, like the barrel hearers, thermcouples, breakers, relays, and other items which is easier broken.


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