Plastic Pipe Making Machine

Corrugated Pipe Making Machine

Production Introduction

Corrugated pipe extrusion machine line consists of automatic drying feeder,single screw extruder,extruding mould,forming machine,automatic cutter and winding machine.

Corrugated pipes forming machine is driven by gears, the formwork is cooled by water, the products are cooled by air, which makes the corrugated pipes’ forming speed be fast, the shape of the corrugated pipes be even, the joints be consistent, the inside and outside wall be smooth, and it’s especially suitable for the wiring harness of high-grade cars.The product has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high strength and good flexibility.

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 Company Profile

Qingdao Huaensi Plastic Machinery Company is located in Qingdao shandong peninsula, a beautiful coastal city, where railway, sea and aviation are very convenient.It is one of the coastal cities with rapid economic development.Our company manages each kind of plastic machinery, has the rich mature technical experience.

 The quality of the equipment  is reliable, and the price is reasonable.New and old customers are willing to visit our company to guide and jointly develop new requirements, new standards, new technologies and new processes in this  industry.We are in unremitting efforts to work with you to create a brilliant tomorrow.

 Machine List



Automatic drying feeder


Single screw extruder


Extruding mould


Forming machine


Automatic cutter


Winding machine


Technical Parameter



Total installation power(kw)


Transformer (kw)


Actual electricity consumption(kw)


Capacity (kg\h)


 Line speed (m\min)


Motor Power(kw)


Production Process



After sales service

(1)After the machines are finished, the seller will test all machines before shipment. If the buyer can not come to test the machine, we will test the machines and send the sample to buyer.

(2)After shipment, the seller will send one or two technicians to the buyer’ s factory to help the buyer install the machine and train workers for buyer.

(3)We will supply all electricity drawing, machine installation drawing.

(4)When make shipment, we will put some spare electricity parts for free, like the barrel hearers, thermcouples, breakers, relays, and other items which is easier broken.

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